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#trilliondollarfunds. The Canadian Mutual Fund Industry is worth more than $1 Trillion. What’s your share? Get a Free Portfolio Reviiew
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Latest Mutual Fund Articles

Mutual Fund Statistics

Mutual Fund Industry has been around since the early 60’s the idea of investing in a group appealed to people even earlier than that, but lets say the real index may have started in early 1960 worth tracking in it’s infancy state with original Mutual Fund Companies like The mutual fund industry went from 25 billion in 1990 to a whopping amount of 705 billion in 2008. Canada’s richest business and fastest growing sector in all Financial Services in Canada is well worth looking at closely. Many Canadians have a vested interest in Canada’s capital markets especially 50 thousand mutual fund account holders. Mutual Fund Statistics are available on many websites and in prospectuses. We recommend reading a prospectus carefully and always investing with advice with the advisor channel rather than mutual fund company direct; do it yourself planning if often not worth the perceived bargain some direct fund companies elude to. Index Fund and Sector Fund Investing is just one more popular way of investing in mutual funds as part of an overall financial plan and strategy.

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